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Drake Becomes A Hot Sauce Meme Following Rumors

There’s a chance that you may have come across a pretty outrageous story involving Canadian recording artist Drake this week. A woman spilled the beans on an alleged sexual encounter she shared with Drake, telling explicit details about his body, what kind of a lover he is, and more. The unconfirmed report also includes details of what happened after they finished, which have been going viral online.

Like any other day, Drake is a trending topic but this time, it’s not because of any new music that he released. On the contrary, there is a woman claiming that after she had sexual intercourse with the rapper, Drake went to the bathroom to throw out his condom before returning to bed. The woman allegedly went searching through the garbage bin to find the used condom, which she claimed Drake filled with hot sauce to prevent her from stealing his DNA. 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Drake seemingly responded to the unbelievable story, posting on Instagram and saying, “You can have your 15 minutes of fame…I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 mins.”

As people continue reacting to the news of Drake allegedly putting hot sauce inside of his used condom before throwing it out, memes and jokes are flying on social media, understandably. While this story has a good chance of being false, take a look below at how people are joking about it.


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