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Hit-Boy Says He Has EPs Worth Of Material With Cordae

“Call Hit-Boy for a beat, you get ten of ’em,” Cordae raps on the Hit-Boy-produced single, “Sinister” ft. Lil Wayne. It’s a bar that speaks volumes to Hit-Boy’s work ethic in the studio, and apparently, Cordae wasn’t exaggerating, either.

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We recently caught up with Hit-Boy for HNHH’s January cover story where he discussed the amount of unreleased music he has in the cut with artists like Cordae, and Don Toliver, the latter of whom he collaborated with on “What You Need.” Hit-Boy explained that Don Toliver “pulled up” on him just like Roddy Ricch did when they worked on Nipsey Hussle’s Grammy award-winning “Racks In The Middle.”

“Don, he just be pulling up on me. We just cooked that. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, I need a single right now.’ I hate that type of s**t, too. You gon’ scare me off and make me not want to pull up on you if you’re like, ‘Oh, I need this sound. I need my single.’ Like, yo. Let’s just work on music. You don’t have to put the pressure on the s**t,” he explained. Since the two have such good chemistry together, it seems inevitable that we’ll end up with a collaborative album from Hit-Boy and Don Toliver in the future. “That boy is on his way. So, you can’t call it. He’s got every producer breathing down his neck. I will say I do feel like this s**t is high-level. Not even feel like, I know it’s high-level,” he added.

Cordae is another artist that has plenty of unreleased records with Hit-Boy. The producer confirmed that he did, in fact, send a bank of beats to Cordae with enough material recorded to release an entire EP together.

Again, I’ve probably got like an EP’s worth of s**t with Cordae,” he said. “You know, he’s a “rapper” rapper, so he freestyles like to every beat. Then he’ll catch a vibe and be like, ‘Yeah this the one. Let’s load this up or I’m going to take this with me and do it at my studio,'” Hit-Boy explained of Cordae’s creative process. “That’s what happened. He started “Sinister” at my studio, recorded a part of it, took it with him and just flushed it out then put Wayne on it.”

Be sure to check out Hit-Boy’s cover story here. 


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