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Young Dolph’s Accused Killer Says He’s Turning Himself In

The death of Young Dolph was among the many tragedies that struck the rap game in 2021. The rapper was shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis, TN at a local cookie shop before reportedly heading to a turkey drive in his community. Fans have mourned his death while authorities continue to try to arrest suspects.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

Police ID’d 23-year-old Justin Johnson as a suspect in the case and issued a warrant for his arrest this week. The Internet quickly did a deep dive, revealing photos of Johnson wearing a Paper Route Empire pendant, and also hanging out alongside Dolph at the club. Police are still trying to apprehend the suspect but he’s maintained his innocence.

Johnson went to Instagram where he declared his innocence in the case and revealed that he would be turning himself in to the police. “Turning Myself In Monday @201 I’m Innocent I’ll Be Back Sooner Than You Can Blink,” he wrote.

The message arrived moments after he shared a video from local news that detailed his rap sheet. The video also included an interview with a judge from Shelby County, TN who explained that he was impressed with Johnson’s behavior behind bars. “Next time post the REAL… BS ass Blogs,” Johnson wrote.

Though he’s turning himself in on Monday, it’s not hard to imagine that local authorities are still on a hunt to have him in cuffs before then. 



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