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The Weeknd & Tyler, The Creator Join Forces On “Here We Go… Again”

The Weeknd delivered After Hours right as the pandemic struck. Though the album was a highlight of 2020, the Toronto crooner didn’t get the opportunity to hit the road or be outside, as he initially intended. He continued to tease a new body of work since then and on Friday, he blessed fans with Dawn, FM.

Laced with a slew of collaborators, including Jim Carrey and Quincy Jones, The Weeknd also collides with Tyler, The Creator for their new collab, “Here We Go… Again.” Leaning into the dreamy soundscapes that The Weeknd’s been engulfed in these past few years, Tyler, The Creator dives into the 80s-infused production with a page taken from Andre 3000’s book.

“I got mad love for Tyler, the Creator, and what he’s doing right now,” The Weeknd said of Tyler back in September. “Tyler is funny, man. I remember he came to one of my performances—I think it was like a festival performance. And he was very vocal about how ‘Starboy’ was his favorite song at the time. You can tell he’s waiting for the song. I could see him. As soon as the song happened, he’s like, ‘All right, cool. Thanks.’ And he just peaced out. It was pretty funny. But he’s somebody that I really admire, because he wears his feelings on his sleeve.”

Quotable Lyrics
We don’t need the government involved because we like to touch
We don’t need no damn religion tellin’ us that we in love
But if we did crush down the road, spendin’ lawyer fees up
Pen and pad gon’ save my ass if these feelings freeze up


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