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Fivio Foreign Responds To Kevin Durant Showing Him Love

As Kevin Durant has matured and grown in the NBA, his ventures have expanded far beyond the confines of the court. Along with business explorations, KD has launched his own podcast, where he has brought on guests like Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, Roddy Ricch, Lavar Ball and plenty more.

In his pod’s latest episode, he and his co-host Eddie Guerrero were the only speakers, as KD was stuck at home due to COVID protocols. At one point in the episode, KD gave a huge shoutout and co-sign to Brooklyn drill rap leader Fivio Foreign: “Fivio is just… every time I hear his shit, I feel like I’m a Brooklyn drill [rapper]. I just be in my seat moving like one of them. He’s just so nice with it. That drill shit, Fivio got it. He got it, man.”

Durant continued by recalling when he met Fivio at Rolling Loud a few years back: “He’s just a star. I remember meeting him [at] Rolling Loud, before all of this — 2019 Rolling Loud; I was still injured. He only had that one song out… I was like, ‘Who the hell is this kid with 20 people on stage?!’ But the song is fire! The dances is crazy! The ad-libs is sick! Like, ‘Bow! Ay ay!’ I’m like, ‘Damn, who is this dude?!’ So I met him and all he kept doing was saying like, ‘Viral. Viral. I’m going viral. Everything viral.’ I’m like, ‘Oh yeah, he got it.’ To see him elevate right now, man, I’m happy for him. I want to see where he can take it.”

Fivio soon caught wind of this shoutout, and showed gratitude and appreciation for KD on Instagram. As he reposted the clip from the podcast and a photo of the two together, Fivio called them “best friends,” and offered Durant a sneak peak at his upcoming album The Bible: “I remember 2019 rolling loud like it was yesterday @easymoneysniper but I ain’t think da big dogged remembered dats shit hit me for real.. Keep workin yu neva kno who watching! Ayo but @ dis point we like best friends. Pull up on me listen to da Album gang.”

Check out what KD had to say and Fivio Foreign’s response below.


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