Home Music Acclaimed rapper MARGARITAVILLAIN Releases New Satirical Single ‘SO SICK’

Acclaimed rapper MARGARITAVILLAIN Releases New Satirical Single ‘SO SICK’


May 05, 2021, 01:00am EST — ‘So Sick’ is the new single to come from rapper MARGARITAVILLAIN. Originally written to express his disgust of former President Donald Trump’s vile treatment towards women, ‘So Sick’ was later expanded to include commentary on Trump’s handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has resulted in the death of over half a million Americans.

One day before the song’s release date, the US Capitol was stormed and MV delayed the release once again to rewrite the second verse, this time to express his anger at the former President for inciting violence and lying about the election that has caused such a deep divide in America.

Teaming up with singer The Syrin and rapper Cleva Thoughts, this trinamic trio tackles the theme & smells of the virus known as toxic masculinity in ‘So Sick’. It will be followed by two extended versions, ‘So Big’ and ‘So Long’, which will further explore the topic and include a parody rap battle between Cleva and a ‘deplorable character’ played in jest by MARGARITAVILLAIN.

The mysterious new rapper that appeared on the scene in late 2020 with his breakout single ‘Tiz Christmas‘ (which also features The Syrin), MARGARITAVILLAIN is here to leave heads spinning and scratching like a cranial turntable. Armed with an album full of new songs that will leave you questioning everything, MV is on a warpath with magnitudes of weapons of mass distortion.

One mission possibly being to declare himself the best rapper alive, which coincidentally is the name of his debut album, sort of, ‘The Best Dead Rapper Alive’, which is expected to drop sometime later this year. In the meantime mix up your favorite Mexican cocktail to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with MARGARITAVILLAIN’s new single, ‘So Sick’.

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