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Lincoln mini-golf course looks to add alcohol


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The Salvation Army of Lincoln held its First Annual Miniature Golf Tournament on Aug. 27, 2011, at Adventure Golf. 

Adventure Golf plans to pair beer, wine and liquor with putt-putt in southeast Lincoln.

The Lincoln City Council on Monday unanimously approved Adventure Golf’s request for a liquor license allowing on-site consumption at the mini-golf course, 5901 S. 56th St.

“Our desire for that is not to be a destination for purchasing alcohol,” co-owner Erik Gustafson told the City Council at a public hearing Monday.

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The 36-hole mini-golf course wants to add alcohol to appeal to traditional golfers, but Gustafson said Adventure Golf plans to restrict alcohol consumption to one of its courses to maintain a family-friendly environment. 

Adventure Golf may implement a drink limit, plans to put wristbands on eligible drinkers and likely will only serve alcohol during weekend evening hours, he said. 

The City Council’s approval is not the final say but likely will lead to the license’s approval by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

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