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Freddie Gibbs Claims He Shot a ‘Crackhead’ 9 Times and Man Kept Running


Freddie Gibbs led an entire life before becoming a famous rapper. During a recent interview on The Joe Rogan ExperienceGibbs may have given us a brief and graphic window into that life, when he revealed that he once shot a “crackhead” nine times. And according to Gibbs, the person he shot kept running.

“You know, this is some real shit because there’s a crackhead back in the day. I shot the n**** nine times with a TEC-9, and he kept running down the alley,” Gibbs says at the 1-minute mark of the above clip.

Gibbs, Rogan, and comedian Brian Moses were discussing the invention of the .45 caliber bullet, and how in the early 1900s, Black ship workers were fed cocaine so that they could stay up for long shifts. According to Moses, one day police were trying to catch a Black man who was accused of rape, but their regular bullets didn’t have enough stopping power to slow him down while he was on the drug, hence the advent of .45 caliber bullets.

That’s when Gibbs interjected with his disturbing anecdote, which may or may not be true. Regardless, Rogan glided past the story and got into a discussion about the differences between crack and cocaine.

If you have the stomach for it, watch the video up top.