Home News Wegmans fined $1,000 for violating NY COVID-19 mask order in Cayuga County

Wegmans fined $1,000 for violating NY COVID-19 mask order in Cayuga County


Cayuga County Legislator Elane Daly asked about Purcell’s argument regarding whether the customer had a medical condition that would allow them to not wear a mask. If Wegmans had approached the customer and learned of a medical condition that would exempt them from the mandate, then Graham said it could’ve changed the outcome. But he disagreed with Purcell’s assertion that determining whether the customer is medically unable to wear a mask is a precondition to finding a violation. 

“They know what the rules are and they have made a conscious choice to not comply with the regulation the way it’s written,” Graham said. 

In addition to the fine, the hearing officer’s recommendations, which were accepted, include requiring Wegmans to amend its store policy so it’s consistent with the state emergency regulations. It also encourages the health board to adopt a policy allowing for businesses to be notified of mask-related violations immediately after inspections. 

• A handful of Cayuga County businesses were fined for first-time violations of the state mask directive. 

Auburn Bottle Return, BJ’s Wholesale Club in Sennett, NAPA Auto Parts in Moravia and Tops Markets in Auburn paid $50 fine for violating the executive order. At each of the businesses, an inspector observed either customers or employees not wearing face coverings.