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Cardi B Put Out a Call for Skincare Advice and Got a Bunch of Suggestions


Cardi B has enlisted the help of Twitter to figure out what she should do about her recent skincare problems.

She was primarily concerned about how her skin has been breaking out, and feeling “extremely dry.” Cardi explained that she has already seen a dermatologist who provided her with a few products that have left her face still feeling dry and burning. 

As you would expect, her fans came through with an overabundance of product suggestions, ranging from Cetaphil to Clinique to Retinol. It was, however, CeraVe that won out in the skincare wars on Twitter, as evident by the fact that it became a trending topic. 

Ultimately, Cardi went with Kehlani’s suggestion of an aesthetician named Sean Garrette. Now, we should expect to receive an update in the coming weeks. 

So, how did Cardi get to this point? Scroll down to find out.