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Maino Recalls ‘Funny’ Story About Bow Wow Fake Flexing


Bow Wow has a lot of infamous tales regarding his faux flexing. The internet has witnessed Bow Weezy’s facade crumble several times and Maino recently claimed he witnessed one of these debacles firsthand. 

On the latest episode of his Kitchen Talk podcast, Maino recalled Bow Wow doing “something funny” while they were at a New York City club. After a long night of partying, Bow told Maino that they should walk out together.

“He like, ‘Yo, my car is around the corner,” Maino recounted. “We get around the corner and my car is parked right where I thought his driver was at — where he said his driver was at. So I seen a black truck. He’s like ‘My car’s right there.’ I’m like, ‘Cool.’ We standing there talking… I guess, like, maybe somebody was waiting for me to leave first or we just vibing. And then he’s like, ‘Yo, I’m out.’ And when he went to leave, I’m like, ‘Oh, he jumping in the truck.’ He went into the street and flagged down a taxi cab… I thought this was your driver?”

As fans know, this isn’t the first time Bow Wow has tried to finesse a flex. In fact, it’s stories like these that inspired 2017’s infamous #BowWowChallenge when his private jet faux pas was discovered as him actually sitting in the window seat of a regular plane.