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[Saturday Spotlight] Naz Philippe + cIV


Welcome to this week’s edition of the Saturday Spotlight. Every week we receive more and more submissions, the numbers are steadily increasing — it was 78 this week and we even received one all the way from Nepal. Since its comeback, Saturday Spotlight has introduced readers to a world where style, technique, and persistence are keys towards breaking out in the industry.

We’ve seen many different renditions of rap music, as well as R&B. — adopting to modern influences and push the envelope, allowing the genre to progress is significant. Throughout these entries, we always hear these artists look for the next wave of sound to arrest the world’s attention. That’s what continues to evolve the genre as a whole, the ability to experiment or grow into something greater.

Naz Philippe

Naz Philippe is in the pursuit of money to get out of the hood. “Drop Top” is Naz’s latest effort, combining uptempo production with an eccentric vocal display, he delivers his lyrics with haste almost as a reminder that time is money. On the chorus, Naz exclaims nearly every other word with a passionate shout that even breaks through the auto-tune that coats his voice. Naz Phillipe is fun, passionate, and his music comes from a place of excitement not only for success but for the future. Check out his track “Drop Top” below:


cIV (pronounced C Four) is a prime reason why New York City is home to the most elite rappers. From the Bronx, CIV uses the pen as his most lethal weapon at his disposal. On the track “Hero”, triumphant horns blare for the production as if Muhammad Ali was walking down the ramp to defend his championship. CIV’s rhymes are permeated with the lingering scent of confidence that laces his lyrics, bar for bar. His wordplay compliments his focus-steady delivery, whereas the listener, every word he says is processed and digested. CIV is a craftsman when it comes to spitting. Check out his standout tracks “Hero” and “Dorothy” below:

– by Anthony Malone and Navjosh

Through our artist discovery platform Saturday Spotlight, we have discovered some amazing talent in the past including Russ, Ty Dolla Sign, Mez, IDK, Victoria Monét and Trap Beckham to name just a few. In most cases, coverage on HHNM was their first look among media outlets. Find the submission guidelines here.

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