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The Kid LAROI Shares New Song ‘Reminds Me of You’ with Posthumous Juice WRLD Feature


Juice WRLD is missed by his fans but at least they regularly get to hear new music from him.

The Kid Laroi, the former mentee of Juice WRLD’s, announced on Twitter earlier today that he would be releasing a new song called ‘Reminds Me of You’ tonight. He also revealed that it would be their twist on Kim Petras’ track ‘Reminds Me‘ that features a previously unheard contribution by Juice WRLD.

“‘Reminds Me Of You’ tonight with my brother @JuiceWorlddd,” he wrote online. “Big thank you to @kimpetras for allowing us to remake & share our version of her song with the world.”

After the news took fans by surprise, Kim decided to hop on social media to explain how her collaboration with Juice came to be. She revealed that Juice WRLD came to the studio while she was working on the song and ended up recording a verse on it.

“I got to say hi. It’s so good and I was such a big fan,” she said, adding that she “always hoped there would be some kind of way that his verse could come out” — and now, it is finally out to the world. Listen to the song below.