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Cordae Releases New Song and Video for “The Parables”


Cordae gears up for his prophetic return with the release of his new single, “The Parables.”

For this track, Cordae uses his life experience to tell short stories that prove he’s different from the rest of the pack. 

“Born from the trenches, you from the ‘burbs, nigga / Fuck the early bird, nigga, I’mma get this motherfucking chicken,” Cordae raps. “I’ve just been itching / To prove myself / I just pray throughout the struggle I don’t lose myself / Glock on safety, Plexico I might shoot myself / Catching bullets like two Odells.” 

Cordae paired the release of “The Parables” with a video that furthers the song’s theme. Like the title and lyrics suggest, Cordae proves that the pen is mightier than the sword as everything he writes comes to life in a video directed by Sergio.

The rapper tells the story of a drunk and wondering man—played by himself—searching for his way through the city. In the process, he’s forced into some sketchy situations that result in him narrowly escaping death. In the end, he was able to make it home safely but the turbulent day results in a story to tell. 

Watch the video for Cordae’s new single “The Parables” above and listen to the track below.