Home Music DaBaby Drops “More Money More Problems” Video Featuring His Daughter

DaBaby Drops “More Money More Problems” Video Featuring His Daughter


DaBaby is putting an emphasis on family in the video for his new single “More Money More Problems.”

The artist takes the day in the life approach for the visual, using a fish-eye lens to give fans a tour of his home and property while also spitting about the success he’s had in a short amount of time.

“I put this bitch on the map, went and got all the platinum plaques and brought ’em back to the city,” he raps, later boasting, “Ain’t been on the stage in a minute, but still on TV every day/N***a should’ve went Disney.”

Of course, no day as a parent would be complete without spending some quality time with their child. Throughout the video, DaBaby raps to the camera while simultaneously playing with his daughter and her toys. But he isn’t just opening doll boxes and scooting battery-powered cars—he also welcomes his daughter into his world by allowing her to play with mountains of cash while twirling around in a princess dress. 

This focus on his family comes after DaBaby tragically lost his older brother to suicide. “More Money More Problems” is featured on the new project My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G)which is dedicated to his sibling.