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Boosie Badazz Says He Wasn’t Surprised by Lil Wayne Supporting Trump


In the latest installment of his conversation with Vlad TV, Boosie Badazz addressed his feelings about Lil Wayne‘s support of Donald Trump. Boosie said he wasn’t surprised by Wayne’s actions because he thinks Wayne sees himself as rich before being Black.

“I really think he looks at himself more as rich because I think that’s why he went with Biden because 60 percent taxes, Biden is fucking tripping,” Boosie says at the 1:45-mark of the video above. “You know and Wayne is probably thinking about his bag and his family and he has the right to think that way if he wants to think that way but I could never…I just don’t feel Wayne is passionate about our Black heritage.” 

Lil Wayne turned heads a few weeks ago ,when he publicly supported Donald Trump ahead of the presidential election.

Trump was attempting to enlist any-and-all celebrities to bolster his poll numbers leading up to the election, and Wayne was one of them. Many people took issue with Wayne’s move, recalling his statements on police brutality and Black Lives Matter that have also been criticized. 

Boosie, who just tweeted that hes’s been released from the hospital after being shot, also talked about how he started supporting Kamala Harris after he learned that she was a fan of 2Pac, and that he’s just happy that Trump is out of office. 

Check out the interview above.