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Tyga Sued For Unpaid Rent, Allegedly Trashed The Home


Source: Edward Berthelot / Getty

Tyga has never seen a bill he hasn’t paid late. The “Rack City” rapper is being sued for unpaid rent and for trashing the Los Angeles home in question, allegedly.

The landlord is suing Tyga for a cool $200,000 which includes back rent and all types of details on what he wrecked in the crib that he stayed in for about a year.

The landlord is suing the rapper, claiming he stiffed them on $32K in rent when he left the place back in April, after renting it for about a year. But, that’s not even the worst part.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, the landlord claims Tyga left gouges in the kitchen’s white oak flooring ($27,650), damaged marble flooring and counters ($15,575) and damaged walls with murals and wallpaper ($103,160.25).

What’s more … the landlord claims Tyga installed a basketball hoop that damaged the driveway, and new locks that destroyed the entry door. The landlord says Tyga never had permission to install any of that stuff.

The landlord says he tried to settle this mess through mediation in May, but claims Tyga refused to play ball. He’s now suing for breach of contract and wants more than $200K in damages.

Yes, Tyga has been sued for not paying rent before back in 2018.

But considering he has maintained his career as a rapper and has what we assume is a lucrative OnlyFans page, buddy just doesn’t seem to like paying his bills on time.


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