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Premiere: Stimulator Jones Returns With Mellow Instrumental Jam “Cupcakes”


Virginia-born multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Stimulator Jones is a rare talent. His music feels set apart from the tireless ebb and flow of trends and therefore timeless. As heard on his debut album, 2018’s Exotic Worlds And Masterful Treasures, that comes largely from his broad spectrum of influences that stretch across the decades and through just about every genre imaginable.

However, besides a collection of outtakes, we haven’t had much new music from Jones since the debut album — until today. Announcing it’s follow-up, titled La Mano, Jones is back with the new LP’s first single, “Cupcakes”. Tying together strands of jazz, blues, funk, soul, R&B and hip-hop, Jones describes it as “a smooth, mellow, funk groove for cruising and chilling.” As the album’s title suggests (Spanish for ‘hand’), this new batch of music was pain-stakingly hand-crafted from live instruments to create an essential and fast-working antidote to the ever-quickening pace of modern life. 

La Mano drops January 2021 on Mutual Intentions.