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2 Chainz Recounts How “F*ckin’ Problems” Came Together, Talks Kanye Collab


In a new interview on Hot 97, 2 Chainz finally explained that he actually had a verse on ASAP Rocky’s 2012 star-studded single “Fuckin’ Problems,” which also featured Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

At the 33-minute mark of his appearance on Ebro in the Morning (above), during which he spoke at length about his new album, 2 Chainz said he wasn’t originally only on the hook. “So the way that record came about…this was the verse that I did for Drake, that’s how I knew this dude was ill early on, right,” he said. “We was working together doing ‘No Lie.’ … Me and Drake [were] doing joints back-to-back, just sending them back-to-back and half of them never came out.”

At some point Chainz did a verse for Drizzy, which he believed he “snapped on,” but he never heard back about it. Later down the line, he was at Drake’s house when he was doing a DJ set for his guests, and he heard a line of his in a song. “I thought maybe I was tripping or something,” 2 Chainz joked.

As he explained, the verse he recorded was “repurposed” for “Fuckin’ Problems,” and it even became the hook although it was just a line from the verse. As for what happened to the verse it came from, he said it must’ve been tossed aside, and he wasn’t really angry about it because the song that did come out blew up.

“We just never talked about it I think,” Chainz laughed. “I never spoke to this man about it my whole life, and I think me and him and 40…I don’t even think ASAP know this is how it happened.”

Earlier in the interview, he also broke down how Kanye West got involved with his new album, So Help Me God. “This song that I have with Brent Faiyaz, me and Brent have been working together. I was on the remix of ‘Fuck the World,'” he said of “Feel a Way,” which features both Faiyaz and ‘Ye, at the 28-minute point. “So we did this joint, and then you know I was playing my project for ‘Ye because he was saying that he wanted to do my next project. I was just telling him basically that this is supposed to be my last project with Def Jam, and I knew that he had a lot of stuff going on and I ain’t wanna just prolong it.”

Recently Kanye has spoken out against the business practices of record labels, many of which signed artists to exploitative contracts. Chainz added that he told Kanye he was about to be independent again following the release of So Help Me God. “So I started playing my project, and when he heard that he told ’em to load it up,” he continued. “Like, soon as he heard it. He probably, I’m not even exaggerating, he probably did a legit seven-minute freestyle to it. So it was a lot of stuff they had to cut.”

In the end, he said the song was changed “three or four times,” and that some of the lyrics were either removed or changed because they referenced the election. “I made it dope as possible,” he said.

Watch the full interview above.