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Lil Baby Says He’s Done Doing Features While He’s in ‘#AlbumMode’


Lil Baby has been on a feature run that mirrors a Tyson Gay 200 meter dash. Yet after giving out several career-changing verses, he’s channeling his inner J. Cole and closing the gates to his candy factory.

“It was fun while it lasted,” Lil Baby said in a Tweet on Tuesday. “No More features from Lil Baby #albummode.”

In this year alone, Lil Baby appeared on Future’s “Life Is Good (Remix),” gave Davido a verse for “So Crazy,” and got into his R&B bag by teaming up with Monica as well as Mariah the Scientist. Not to mention all the verses he gave newer acts like 30 Deep Grimeyy and Hotboii that helped them find their footing. Baby is also aware of how impactful his presence can be. Prior to closing up shop, the rapper made it clear that he’s not stepping into the booth for less than $100,000. 

Although this announcement is bad news for artists hoping to get some magic from Lil Baby, the reveal is a cause for celebration for his fans. Baby putting his energy into himself means that he’s working on the follow-up to his groundbreaking album My Turn. Not only did that February 2020 drop resonate with his core fanbase, but the double-platinum release also made a lot of noise on the charts.

The work Lil Baby put in before My Turn and the following features resulted in him being crowned as one of the hottest artists in the game. His status was acknowledged by a man who knows a thing or two about guest verses himself, Lil Wayne, who said Lil Baby is his favorite young rapper.