Home Music XrossRoads Shares Two New Songs ‘Hard 2 Dance’ & ‘Time’

XrossRoads Shares Two New Songs ‘Hard 2 Dance’ & ‘Time’


DETROIT, OCTOBER, 2020 – As we close out the year 2020 in an election year – adjusting to the “new normal” within a country wide Pandemic, the unified creative effort of BabyPaul/BpZy and Supa Emcee that is also known as “XrossRoads” offer up some politically and emotional charged music that is a reflection of today’s times.

“Hard 2 Dance” was inspired by a team of songwriters from Africa that Baby Paul was collaborating with to organically compose a world music soundscape. The lyrics of the chorus are a metaphor comparing the art of dance with the challenges people face in life.

Supa Emcee delivers verses that are introspective, poignant yet aggressive, challenging the system while shedding light on the ills of society.

“Time” which is a fast paced tour de force of edgy melodic sample driven hip-hop by Baby Paul, coupled with Supa Emcee’s dynamic lyrics which reference the importance of time and how it affects people in different situations offset line for line the vocal sample phrase, “all I need is time” that carries throughout the song sequence – guest vocalist Nanette Lashay adds a touch of emotion to the song with her soulful delivery of ad libs and phrasing.

XrossRoads once again delivers quality, timeless hip-hop music that has the potential to transcend genre distinction. Listen below.