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Offset Records Police Removing Him From Car


Offset was seen on his Instagram Live Saturday, as police officers forced him to exit his vehicle for reasons that are still unclear. 

In the Live, Offset can be heard refusing to leave his car as he grows increasingly more frustrated at the officers, who he says have “guns out.” They were seemingly responding to some type of complaint about Offset waving a weapon.

“We were told that you guys were waving guns at people,” one of the officers says in the video. 

They then ask Offset to turn the car off before reaching into his window, unlocking his door and making him exit the vehicle.

“There’s 25,000 people in my Live,” Offset says before being forced out of his car. “I’m gonna sue the sh*t out of y’all, do y’all know who I am?”

The Live then cuts out, and it’s still unclear whether he was taken into police custody. It’s also unclear where and when the incident took place.

This story is being updated.