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Drake’s Biggest Birthday Flexes, Ranked


Drake’s birthday is today, October 24th—a bit of OVO trivia I’m particularly well aware of because it also happens to be my birthday. But while Drake and I may both be Scorpios, that’s unfortunately where me and my birthday bro’s similarities end. Because when it comes to birthdays, nobody parties like Drizzy, who somehow manages to find a way outdo himself every year. (See his 30th: when his party went so hard it made John Mayer quit drinking afterwards.)

To toast the 6 God’s feast day, Complex Canada pulled a birthday flex of our own, recruiting Canadian toy photographer Duane Shoots Toys to immortalize Drizzy by crafting the above diorama.

We’ll have to wait and see how Aubrey Graham spends his COVID birthday, but if previous experience is any indicator, it’s going to be suitably epic, pandemic or no pandemic. In the meantime, let’s rank Drake’s biggest, most bragworthy birthday flexes to date.