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Reason Clears Up TDE Label Comments, Talks New Album and Kendrick


TDE’s secret weapon Reason joined the Everyday Struggle crew to talk about the release of his latest project New Beginning’sgive a status update on when the elusive Kendrick Lamar‘s next album might drop, and clarifies some comments he was previously quoted on about Top Dawg Entertainment going through a “weird time,” among other things.

While talking with Nadeska, Akademiks, and Wayno, Reason was sure to set the record straight on his HipHopDX quote on the status of his label.

“That was a misquote,” Reason clarified. “What I said was we’re going through a weird time, meaning COVID, Black Lives Matter, and then the headline was ‘The Label’s going through a weird time,’ shit like that happens all the time.”

Reason went on to explain how the label was prepping to drop in July, then the Black Lives Matter movement sparked again and they felt like it would have been disrespectful. Basically, a series of unfortunate events have been the root cause of a lack of new music from the camp as a whole.

Further to that point, he also talked about how often times the media will take something that someone on the TDE roster says and run with it even if it’s out of context.

“I get it, the fans are so hungry for music that if I tweet something like, ‘yo this n****a Top [Dawg] be taking forever’ I might be literally talking about Top went to go get my food and he’s taking forever,” Reason joked. “And people will take it… And that’s not y’all fault, the writers are cool. The writers will write an article, and the editors will feel like they need to make it better.”

Reason also talked about label executive Top Dawg’s good ear for music and how he helps advise members on when they should drop their projects. He also said that if Kendrick wanted to he could drop right now.

“If [K.] Dot wanted to drop tomorrow, he could drop tomorrow,” Reason said. “But it’s just everyone’s always working, trying to tighten it up and trying to make it the best music possible and that’s why I always try to tell people, if you go down TDE catalog you can’t find a bad project.”

The TDE newcomer also dropped a music video for his song “Favorite N***a” which features him driving away from a crime scene and burying a man.

Watch Reason’s full interview with Everyday Struggle up top.