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Old Spice Launches New Initiative To Increase High School Graduation Rates


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With many companies now taking the initiative to invest in social justice and education programs in underserved minority communities, Old Spice is joining the fray and contributing to the cause as well.

Teaming with film company Never Whisper Justice and eLearning platform Frontlines Of Justice, Old Spice has announced that it will be launching a 10-year initiative with the goal of helping raise high school graduation rates by 10 percent. Their new initiative will also be springing up empowerment programs looking to reach 100,000 people in these underserved communities because it’s a no-brainer that confidence only inspires better results in subjects like English and mathematics.

Old Spice will be partnering up with NFL players and teams to help get their educational programs off and running to cover more communities whose people could sure use a push in the right direction these days.

The program started with Old Spice‘s partnership with the producers of the critically acclaimed new Black Boys documentary, and pushing its Frontlines of Justice educational curriculum that aims to improve the learning environments of the underrepresented to students, teachers and schools around the nation. Frontlines of Justice is backing a virtual national NFL player school tour, which is led by Black Boys executive producer Malcolm Jenkins of the New Orleans Saints, Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans star Derrick Henry and Calais Campbell of the Baltimore Ravens.

“Students may be getting some ‘virtual’ fatigue, which is why we want to create meaningful engagement with their favorite NFL players,” said Matt Krehbiel, Old Spice brand Vice President at Procter & Gamble via a statement. “We’re excited to formalize partnerships and use our resources to enable success for the next generation.”

Props to Old Spice, Never Whisper Justice, and Frontlines of Justice for taking steps to help communities that our elected leaders have seem to forgotten.

Visit www.frontlinesofjustice.com for more info.


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