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Ice Cube Responds After Eric Trump Shares Clearly Manipulated Photo


Ice Cube has responded to a clearly edited photo shared by Eric Trump showing himself and 50 Cent wearing Trump hats, despite such a headwear moment never having actually occurred.

Cube quoted the tweet in question on Tuesday, adding only “N**** please…” as commentary. Shortly after Cube’s response, the tweet—which was flagged by Twitter with a “manipulated media” warning—was removed.

And while the photo Trump tweeted out and captioned with “two great, courageous Americans” (alongside a pair of American flag emoji) was indeed clearly the product of editing, below you can find a side-by-side comparison of the fake and the real for sheer posterity’s sake:

Notably, the spread of this fake photo arrives after Cube received criticism for working with the Trump team on the Contract With Black America (CWBA). Last week, Cube responded to the criticism, stating that “both parties” had contacted him. Later, T.I. came to Cube’s defense.

“I think people are being presumptuous,” T.I. told Power 106 on Monday.

50 Cent, meanwhile, is fresh off telling his fans to “vote for Trump” due solely to his apparent disagreement with Biden’s tax plan for those making $400,000 or more annually. Predictably, 50’s comments were quickly amplified by a number of MAGA followers.

And for those keeping tabs on the Trump family’s history of receiving “manipulated media” flags on Twitter, another recent example saw the POTUS getting slapped with one after sharing a tweet in which he claimed he was now “immune” to COVID-19. At the time, a Twitter rep told Reuters that the tweet marked an example of “misleading health claims” regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

This story is being updated.


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