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Kanye West Says He’ll Appear on Joe Rogan’s Podcast Next


It appears Kanye West got his wish. 

On Saturday, the rapper/designer/presidential candidate took to Twitter to announce his upcoming appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. Kanye shared a screenshot of his FaceTime call with the titular podcast host, along with a little teaser of what audiences can expect: “Joe Rogan said it’s cool for me to design the set for our podcast this Friday,” he wrote.

The announcement comes just days after Kanye publicly reached out to Rogan on Twitter, requesting a live appearance on the wildly popular podcast. 

“Would love to go on Joe Rogan’s podcast LIVE this week I have my team trying to get your number Joe I’m in Calabassas Let’s do this my friend,” he captioned a months-old clip of Rogan discussing his “intense” phone call with Kanye.

Rogan has yet to confirm Kanye’s appearance on JRE, but the episode seems very likely. In late 2018, Kanye reached out to Rogan expressing his desire to do a “serious interview” on mental health issues. Rogan responded by telling Kanye he’d be more than willing to have that discussion “for as long you’d like.”

Stay tuned as more information becomes available. 


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