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A 14-year Chicago police veteran has filed a civil suit against former Superintendent Eddie Johnson

Johnson was fired last December after Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said he intentionally lied to her and to the public about his actions when he was found sleeping behind the wheel.

The lawsuit includes allegations of unwanted sexual acts in Johnson’s personal office at CPD Headquarters, claims Johnson texted nude photographs to Donald, says Johnson conditioned Donald’s employment and advancements within CPD upon her submission to unwanted sexual activity and alleges Lightfoot exacerbated the hostile work environment by ordering Johnson to “dump” Cynthia Donald and have her relocated.

CNN has reached out to Eddie Johnson’s attorney, Tom Needham, for comment.

“After the first time he sexually assaulted me in his office at CPD headquarters he told me that I belonged to him. He referred to me as his girl,” Donald said in prepared remarks Thursday.

“Mayor Lori Lightfoot had an opportunity to investigate and uncover Eddie Johnson’s abusive conduct toward me, she instead ordered Eddie to dump me by demoting me to a desk job,” Donald said. “I am calling on Mayor Lightfoot and Superintendent David Brown to address the longstanding problems sexual misconduct within CPD and the boys club culture that enables abusers and promotes a code of silence.”

Bob McLaughlin, one of the attorneys representing Donald, said at least “half a dozen” officers knew about this ongoing relationship.

“At no time was it consensual. It was always unwanted, always under duress, always under intimidation, always under fear that if she didn’t comply she could be terminated or demoted,” McLaughlin added.

“This case is about sexual and emotional torture and at the hands of those at the highest levels of the Chicago Police Department and city government and it must stop,” Steve Hart, attorney for Cynthia Donald, said.

A Law Department spokesperson with Mayor Lightfoot’s office responded to the filing, saying, “We are aware of the lawsuit filed by Cynthia Donald against Mr. Johnson and the City. Mr. Johnson was terminated from his role as superintendent in connection with his conduct during the events of October 16-17, 2019. We cannot comment on the specific allegations, which, if true, would be inexcusable. Mayor Lightfoot emphatically denies, and common sense dictates, that Eddie Johnson ever told the Mayor about allegations of abuse or harassment of Cynthia Donald by Eddie Johnson. Ms. Donald’s lawyers never claimed otherwise.”

The Chicago Inspector General is set to release the summary of his investigation into former CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson’s conduct this week.


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