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Ice Cube Addresses Backlash Over Working With Trump Campaign


Ice Cube recently caught some flack after it was revealed he had worked with the Trump campaign, and now he’s addressed the backlash.

In a Thursday interview on TMZ Live, Ice Cube directly replied to the concern that he is being used or exploited by the Trump campaign, and gave his thoughts on whether Trump’s “Platinum Plan”—whic would theoretically inject $500 billion into the Black community—is something he will actually go through with. “I know people have their thoughts… ‘I’m being used…’ I’m not being used,” he stressed, while adding that he hasn’t been to the White House or met with Trump directly.

“I talked to both campaigns like I said I would. I have a contract with Black America that both parties gonna have to get with,” he continued. “We can’t depend on one party to bring this through. It’s too broad. Both parties is gonna have to get with it. So, that’s what my mission is; to make sure both parties get with the program. And I’m here to get you to vote for any damn body.”

Reiterating that he is still undecided on who to vote for on account of his belief that both Biden and Trump have actively harmed the Black community, he said that at one point he was telling people not to vote. “Matterfact, I was the one saying you shouldn’t vote unless you get something for it,” he said. “Me, I’m personally not getting one thing. I’m trying to make sure all these trillions of dollars that’s being tossed around make it to the Black community, not to the minority community, not to the community of color, not to all these names that throw us in this big old pot.”

He said that in his attempts to get in contact with both campaigns, the Trump campaign has been more receptive so far. While he acknowledged that people are angry at him for speaking with Trump’s team, he suggested Biden’s campaign has really missed a great opportunity by not one-upping Trump’s $500 billion package to purportedly benefit Black communities.

“Why y’all don’t come up with $600 billion man, what are y’all doing?” he laughed. “Where’s that $700 billion? We have to expect results, we have to push it. You know, the Democrats have a perfect opportunity to make our dreams come true. And they’re telling, you know, ‘let’s wait till after the election and… You could believe him or not. That’s not on Ice Cube, I’m not telling nobody how to vote. You can believe him or not.”

The backlash against Cube all kicked off after the Trump campaign’s senior adviser, Katrina Pierson, revealed that Ice Cube had worked with the Trump administration on the previously mentioned “Platinum Plan,” which aims to create 3 million new jobs, push for criminal justice reform, and improve access to better education for the Black community. 


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