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Freddie Gibbs and the Alchemist Drop “Babies & Fools” Video


The pandemic might have shut down strip clubs for the average citizen, but the world is your oyster when you drop an album as good as Alfredo

In the video for his latest single “Babies & Fools,” Freddie Gibbs takes over a gentlemen’s club where he showers the dancers with money while spitting a flurry of introspective rhymes. 

“I say my prayers but I’m rusty as fuck with Arabic/Lord, take me as I am ’cause I’m gon come as I is/I might die twice if I look down and see my momma in tears,” Freddie raps. “I know the Lord watch over babies and fools/I did the foolie with this tool to put my babies through school.”

Gibbs’ Alfredo was a joint album produced exclusively by the Alchemist. Like most of Alchemist’s beats, “Babies & Fools” has a nostalgic, cinematic feeling. Director James “JMP” Pereira plays with this theme by shooting most of the video with a night-vision camera. “Babies & Fools” also features Griselda’s Conway the Machine, who delivered a verse that matches Gibb’s vulnerability. 

“Hospital bed, bullet in my neck and a fractured jaw/Call it crazy, but I always knew I’d bounce back this hard,” Conway spits. “Got the matte black mac, that’s the master card/I got that because I been clapped before.”

Watch Freddie Gibbs and the Alchemist’s video for “Babies & Fools” featuring Conway the Machine above.