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Travis Scott Appears to Hint at ‘Utopia’ Album: ‘Going to Go Cook Up’


Travis Scott appeared to tease his forthcoming album Utopia with an incredibly small change to his Instagram that only eagle-eyed fans may have noticed when he changed his bio from Astroworld, the title of his 2018 album, to Utopia

Scott also tweeted that he’s “GOING TO GO COOK UP AND BUILD THESE WALLS FOR UTOPIA. SEE YOU GUYS SOON.” On top of that, Scott told DJ’s to “keep checking ur mailbox” as he has “something on the way in the mail for ya.”

Back in August, Scott celebrated the two-year anniversary, or “Astroversary,” of Astroworld with a handwritten note that concluded, “Let’s keep the ride going, see you in Utopia.” 

When asked to confirm that Utopia was the title of his next album, Scott’s friend and collaborator Chase B responded, “Oh nah, it’s not. I think that’s just him being Trav. Just feeling good, in the moment.” In an interview with GQ published in October, La Flame was asked “Where does one go after Astroworld,” to which he responded, “You go to Utopia. That’s where you go.” 

Scott’s latest single “Franchise” debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100, making him the fastest artist to accumulate three No. 1 debuts in the chart’s history. 

Stay tuned.