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Travis Scott Got Kobe & Melo Autographs When He Worked as Rockets Ballboy


Following the release of his new song “Franchise” and his wildly successful collaboration McDonald’s collaboration, Travis Scott stopped by for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He spoke about the meal he’s got at McDonald’s right now, what it was like to shoot a music video at Michael Jordan’s house, and his time as a ballboy for the Houston Rockets.

“We wasn’t too much of a star-studded team at that time,” Scott told Kimmel. “We weren’t supposed to talk to star athletes, but one day, Melo gave me his headband, signed his headband. Which is so funny, he probably doesn’t remember this.”

When asked if any of his NBA friends might know about his job as a ballboy when he was younger, Scott downplayed it but added that he has plenty of cool memories. “I met Kobe there and he signed a ball for me.”

Pressed for further information on what errands he would be sent on as a ballboy, La Flame said he didn’t want to violate the “code of honor” among players and ballboys. “Shout out all my ballboys out there,” he laughed. “Y’all know what’s going down, man. Hold it down for the team players. … We never tell.”

During his time on the show, Travis Scott also shared an inventive performance video for “Franchise” featuring M.I.A. and Young Thug. All three rappers performed in front of flowing white drapes, the clip interspersed with 

Watch Travis Scott’s interview and performance on Kimmel above.