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Tyler, the Creator Gives 50 Cent & G-Unit Major Props for Their Mixtape Run


Tyler, the Creator is synonymous with the avant-garde undercurrent that permeates through West Coast hip-hop, but that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate the gully East Coast wave 50 Cent and G-Unit helped spearhead. 

On Wednesday, Tyler took to Twitter where he brought his followers down memory lane. 

“g unit mixtapes were so hard mannnnn,” he wrote before sharing posts that display his love for 50 Cent’s persona. 

“so much charisma and personality he was great,” he continued. “n***a be like why didnt my fav rapper blow up prolly cause he has the personality of a chair n***as be flat haha, curtis was such a magnet.”

Tyler went on to state he missed the time in hip-hop that slightly presaged the blog era, when rappers were afforded the freedom to spit over any instrumental they wanted. This early mixtape era gave birth to several odd—but still intriguing—songs like 50 Cent’s song over a Hi-Tek beat. 

“its wild its a whole generation who arent too familiar with the ‘yo lets just rap over this beat we like’ world,” Tyler lamented. “damnnn im dusty.”

Read the rest of what he had to say below.


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