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Premiere: Magnus Chapple Uses Touches Of Jazz And Soul On “Trust The Proces


It was only April that Salisbury-born singer-songwriter Magnus Chapple released his fittingly-titled latest album Unprecedented Measures For Unprecedented Times, but like a lot of us, he’s clearly been busy during the lockdown because he’s already back with a new single. “Trust The Process” officially arrives tomorrow, October 1, but you can get the exclusive first listen below.

With talents honed at the BIMM Institute (British and Irish Modern Music Institute), Chapple uses touches of jazz and soul to season his offbeat brand of songwriting. “Trust The Process” is ostensibly a song about being overwhelmed with a rush of emotion when you first fall in love, but like a lot of his music, there’s a subtle pang of sadness hanging in the background, making for a heady and bittersweet concotion.

Speaking with Complex via email, Magnus explained, “This song was inspired by the excitement and hope you feel when you meet that perfect person. It can be easy to lose your head when you finally come face to face with the love of your life but all you have to do is trust the process and everything that is meant to be will be. I wrote this song in the height of lockdown when I had been apart from my partner for two months and was inspired to recount how I felt a multitude of emotions from moment we first met.”


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