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California Governor Signs “Kobe Bryant Law”


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With the way that 2020 fell off a cliff in just a matter of months it feels like the tragic death of Kobe Bryant happened years ago. But we’re now reminded of the early days of this horrible year as California’s governor has just signed in a new law which was inspired by Kobe’s death.

According to TMZ, Governor Gavin Newsom has just introduced the “Kobe Bryant Law” which forbids first responders from taking unauthorized pictures of a dead person at the scene of an accident. A situation that first became a problem when an officer at the scene used a picture of Kobe’s dead body to try to pick up a woman at a bar a few weeks after the accident.

In total 8 of the local deputies have been accused of taking and sharing pictures of the tragic incident as there are no rules against such actions, but beginning on January 1st 2021, things are going to change.

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California Governor Signs “Kobe Bryant Law” Forbidding First Responders From Taking Pictures 
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