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Best Workout Songs: Workout Music to Get You Motivated


No matter how much of a workout you’re doing, it’s all for naught without the right kind of fuel. I’m not talking about Gatorade, Powerade, or Red Bull. I’m talking about what’s massaging your ear drums while you’re pumping iron. There’s a reason there are so many workout playlists and suggestions for songs to check out for gym-goers. Selecting workout music is an imprecise science, though. Just because something moves fast and furious, doesn’t necessarily make it a good song to soundtrack reps. Playlists often make this mistake, sounding like the creator hasn’t even listened to the songs themselves.

In an effort to put together a collection of suitable workout songs, we focused on tracks that synthesize raw energy. We didn’t start from a playlist or from a suggestion. Each of these picks comes from personal experience in the gym. This list is a certified collection of the best workout songs that you’ll find around, regardless of age, genre, or subject matter. Here are the best workout songs for your next playlist.


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