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Rick Ross Calls Out Tory Lanez: ‘That Was a Poor Choice, Homie’


Rick Ross, like so many others, is not impressed with Tory Lanez and his surprise new project Daystar, especially when considering the timing.

The record sees the rapper address the Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident, claiming that he didn’t shoot her despite what she said about the situation. It also arrives the same week the police who shot Breonna Taylor were not charged with her murder. Needless to say, Rick Ross thinks Tory Lanez has a lack of respect for Black women.

“Tory Lanez, poor decision brother,” he said in the first of a series of Instagram Story posts. “Dropping that project… Just outta respect for Breonna Taylor, bruh, we gotta respect these sisters. That ain’t how you address the accusations you facing. That was a poor choice, homie. You ain’t getting no money with that shit.”

After addressing Tory Lanez more seriously, he decided to clown him in a second video. “Ay, I just bought a car for Tory Lanez, I got a gift for your album release homie,” he said while showing off a Smart Car. “Heard your shit just went double acrylic on Dat Piff.” 

Rick Ross previously collaborated with Tory lanez on the song “Super Freak,” but it’s hard to imagine them working together ever again now.


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