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Premiere: Lou Berry Weaves Jazz, Soul And Hip-Hop Together For “Dreamers”


Parisian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lou Berry is just about ready to release his debut album Inner World via Le Sofa on October 9, but before he does he’s today sharing one of the project’s key tracks, “Dreamers”, a heady blend of hip-hop, soul and jazz graced by French rapper Gracy Hopkins and soul singer LYNN.

Like the rest of the album, “Dreamers” was self-produced by Berry who happens to be entirely self-taught in all the instruments he’s spent his life mastering. A swirling haze of delicately picked guitars, melancholic keys and subtle washes of electronics, if “Dreamers” is anything to go by, the album will pull together a whole host of sounds past and present to give us something truly timeless.

Speaking about the new single, Lou Berry says: “‘Dreamers’ explores the dangers ones face when pursuing a dream. You could lose your way, regret your choices, or be mistaken about the real nature of your dream. In hindsight, the theme makes me think about Icarus myth: If you want to fly to close from the sun you’ll end up with burned wings. The musical atmosphere is oneiric and solemn. It plays along with the characters stories.”


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