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Listen to Lupe Fiasco’s New Freestyle


After days of watching internet trolls critique his career, Lupe Fiasco decided to remind them why he’s the topic of discussion. 

On Tuesday night Lupe took to Instagram where he posted a video to his IGTV. The post contained an unnamed freestyle that he captioned, “I made some BBQ chicken thighs today…”

Lupe tweeted the freestyle too, writing only “BBQ CHICKEN THIGHS.” He easily glides over the Soundtrakk beat, spewing hyperbole about his lyrical ability. “Still real even when fiction spat/Hit the mat, your jujitsu whack,” he raps. “I’m Malcolm X with the temple tap/Money talks, credentials chat/Simple raps, if I give you Shaq the rim would crack.”

During the freestyle, Lupe also takes aim at DJ Vlad. Lupe raps that “Vlad won’t even let a n***a call no more,” which comes after Fiasco took issue with Vlad’s style of journalism. 

The nearly four-minute freestyle follows a spirited social media debate revolving around Kendrick Lamar and Lupe. Over the weekend, Fiasco responded to a tweet asking if he or Kendrick was the better lyricist. This generated a response from TDE president Punch, which added fuel to the fire. Lupe followed up with a series of now-deleted tweets explaining he feels he’s a better lyricist but Dot might be a better artist. 

Along with this freestyle, Lupe told his fans he’s looking to further expand his musical pallet. This will result in him making trap music inspired by Travis Scott and Lil Uzi Vert.