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Big Sean Tells Fat Joe His Top 5 Rappers of All Time


Hot off the heels of the release of his brand new album Detroit 2, Big Sean sat down with Fat Joe on Instagram Live, where Joe asked Big Sean to list his top 5 rappers of all time. 

“Biggie, Eminem,” Big Sean says in the video above. “Kanye, Wayne, and—five? I got so many more. Jay.”

It seemed like Big Sean wanted to continue, but Fat Joe stopped him, essentially solidifying Sean’s top 5: The Notorious B.I.G., fellow Detroit-native, Eminem, G.O.O.D. Music boss, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z. After setting his list in stone, Fat Joe allowed Big Sean to continue listing off rappers who he thinks should be written into history as some of the best to ever do it. 

“I could go 10 easy,” Sean said. “I could go Rakim, I could go Nas, I could go [Tupac], I could go—ain’t in no order either—I could go [Snoop Dogg] … I mean so many, bro. … I got to put Outkast as one really. … And many more. The reason I call myself ‘Big’ is because of Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, Big L, you know what I mean?”

While this may be the first time Big Sean has laid out his overall top 5, he listed out his top 5 West Coast rappers in a 2015 interview with Billboard.

“E-40. My brother used to play E-40 all the time when I was young,” he said. “Definitely [Tupac], [Snoop Dogg]… Then you go DJ Quik… Then you got Dr. Dre.” Much like his conversation with Fat Joe, Sean couldn’t stop at just 5 artists. 

“Then you got NWA,” he continued. “I was tripping for not putting then in there. You got Ice Cube… all of them were just killing it man.”