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Lupe Fiasco Calling Himself a Better Lyricist Than Kendrick Lamar Response


Quiet as kept, TDE’s Punch might be the internet’s best troll. This was on full display when the label president caught wind of people playing with Kendrick Lamar‘s name. 

It’s habitual for Twitter to pin entertainers against each other by posing general or hypothetical questions that would excite their fanbases. Over the weekend, it was Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco‘s turn to be thrown into the mix. On Sunday, Lupe quote tweeted a post asking if he or Kendrick Lamar was the better lyricist. 

“Lupe but…” Fiasco said in the tweet. Although he deleted the post, it still caught the attention of Punch who responded with three simple letters that said so much more than “laughing out loud.”

Fiasco has worked with Ab-Soul on the song “World Runners” from Soulo’s These Days… album in 2014. He also gave Ab-Soul’s 2017 project Do What Thou Wilt a free album review. Still, Fiasco hasn’t shied away from channeling the same energy that birthed Dot’s “Control” verse when addressing Kendrick.

In 2018, Lupe stated that Kendrick wasn’t a top tier rapper in his eyes. He then walked back the statement by explaining that this is hip-hop and he was merely being confrontational for the sport of the genre. 

“Maybe I should have just left it alone,” Lupe said per HipHopDX. “Even though my impetus was the ‘Control’ verse. I mean you put yourself out there like that. So, you opened yourself up to critique… I apologize for even engaging and talking about n****s careers, I’ll never do that shit again.”