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Children That Have Died From COVID-19


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The Centers for Disease Control has released information from a new study that can be startling for minority families.  The study reveals that more than three-quarters of the children who have died from COVID-19 between February and July of 2020 were Black, Hispanic, or Native American.

While the chances of a child contracting COVID-19 are lower than adults, these numbers have to be alarming to minority families.  Of the children included in this survey, 75 percent of them had at least one pre-existing health condition like asthma or obesity.  This could be an indication of why this is affecting minority children because they are more likely to have these types of health conditions.  Along with minority children, African-American’s under the age of 65 are twice as likely to die from COVID-19.All that being said, COVID-19 is still ramped, and taking the recommended safety measure is even more important than ever.

Read more about the CDC study here.

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CDC: The Majority of Children That Have Died From COVID19 Are Black, Hispanic, or Native American 
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