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Listen to YFN Lucci’s “Wet” Remix f/ Mulatto


YFN Lucci has shared the Mulatto-featuring remix to his song “Wet (She Got That…).”

The song arrives on the heels of Lucci’s Wet Remix Pack, which features three new approaches to the song with collaborators Bigga Rankin, Jada Kingdom, Pablo Nouvelle, and Novel. Lucci released the fairly NSFW original song in February.

Earlier this week, the rapper was in the news following an incident at a video shoot, where he accidentally fired a round from a semi-automatic gun. He apparently was told that the weapon was a prop and not to pull the trigger. However, he did so anyway, causing panic in the studio. Luckily, no one was hit but the bullet did reportedly leave a hole in the floor.

Stream the remix to “Wet” featuring Mulatto above.