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Watch the Video for Rick Ross’ Latest Single “Pinned to the Cross”


Rick Ross becomes more and more associated with a lavish and luxurious lifestyle every year. Yet for his latest single “Pinned to the Cross” featuring Finn Matthews, Rozay reminds listeners wealth can’t compensate for the toll racism takes on a Black person’s psyche. 

On “Pinned to the Cross,” Ross spills lyrics that paint a picture of embedded trauma. 

“When you forced to be fearless strangers consider you callous/Detrimental to my upbringing, I felt so abandoned,” Ross spits. “I was lost in confusion, therefore had nothing to lose/Now, I’m running the racket, n***a got cut from the noose/I just want to be free, another Black man on the run/We was pinned to the cross since our birth under the sun.”

Rick Ross complements “Pinned to the Cross” with a video that showcases the duality fame has afforded him. Like his other socially distanced videos, this visual is set in Ross’ massive estate. Although he’s draped in silk and diamonds, Ross lets it be known that he can still empathize with societal issues. 

Pictures of Breonna Taylor flash across the screen as he raps. The video then transitions from his home to a scene where protesters dish out vigilante justice against a police officer while Ross’ lyrics commentate the scene. Rozay debuted the track after his popular Verzuz battle against 2 Chainz.

Watch “Pinned to the Cross” featuring Finn Matthews above.

On Thursday, Rick Ross’ collaboration with August Alsina—which drew its title from Will Smith’s viral quote about Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith’s “entanglement”—also received a visual: