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Listen to THEY.’s “STCU” f/ Juicy J


R&B duo THEY. has cast its bucket into Three 6 Mafia‘s timeless well of iconic sonics to create their latest single, “STCU.”

While most people are trying to protect themselves from catching COVID-19, “STCU”—which stands for “Shoot the Club Up”—reminds us that some things are worth taking a risk. For this song, THEY. make unprotected sex sound like an oasis of careless fun. To add to the feeling, THEY. pulled in Mr. Slob on My Knob himself, Juicy J, to lace the track with a verse that ties the theme together. 

“Tore the club up, then I shot your club up,” Juicy J rapped. “I might love her, I ain’t use no rubber/She said ‘Don’t worry ’bout that shit you know I’m safe’/I say ‘Don’t matter anyway, bitch. It’s too late.'”

Along with referencing Three 6 Mafia’s legendary record “Tear da Club Up” on his verse, Juicy J lines his feature with the group’s patented “yeah, hoe” chants while parts of the “Tear da Club Up” chants are echoed throughout. 

Listen to THEY.’s new single “STCU” featuring Juicy J above.