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Kanye’s Twitter Account Flagged for Violation Over Tweet


Kanye West has violated Twitter’s rules, NBC News reports

The tweet in question, which was sent out on Wednesday and has since been removed, saw Kanye share the phone number of a Forbes editor. Sharing the personal details of a person is against the social media company’s rules as they see it as a violation of a person’s privacy. Kanye previously called the publication “some of my favorite white supremacists” during an interview he did with Nick Cannon.

Although NBC News was unable to confirm if Kanye’s account was temporarily suspended, which is usually what happens after a user commits a violation, associates of Kanye have said that that’s the case. Former NBA player Rick Fox and right-wing commentator Candace Owens, apparently at the behest of Kanye, relayed the news of a temporary suspension of the Jesus Is King artist’s account to their followers. According to Fox, the suspension will last for just twelve hours.

Over the past two days Kanye has sent out numerous tweets in which he’s aired his grievances with his record contract and the music industry. 

He also called on Drake, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar to get together for a meeting.