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Mary J. Blige And Naturi Naugton Rocked Their Natural Hair During Lockdown


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Mary J. Blige’s character Monet may have long flowing red locks but the Power Book: Ghost Actress and R&B queen loved wearing “no pieces,” no weaves, no wigs and no clip-ins during the COVID 19 lockdown. And so did her co-star Naturi Naughton.

If you’re a fan of Power, you tuned in Sunday night to the premiere of Power Book II: Ghost to watch Tasha, Tariq and newcomers Mary and Method Man bring fresh faces and storylines to the Starz spin-off.

While promoting the show, Mary revealed she didn’t have to do much research to embody her character Monet. “I grew up in the hood and there were queen pens everywhere and a lot of them were my friends,” Mary recalled. “When I was younger I hung out with a lot of women who were Monet.”

Mary tapped into her hood upbringing to bring Monet to life. “It was easy to remember what they did. How they moved, how they thought. How they were able to live in such a male dominated world.”

Aside from Monet’s tough demeanor, she also has a fierce wardrobe. “She’s free with hers. At the same time she’s clay and reserved. Kind of reminds me of myself.”

“It was heaven,” Mary said joyfully. “For the first couple of weeks, I didn’t put any pieces in it. I didn’t put nothing in it. I just had it up, out and back or whatever. It feels good to scratch my head at night. To have it breath. Just to enjoy…massage my scalp.”

As for her co-star Naturi, whose natural hair has made headlines several times, it was equally as therapeutic for her to let her natural tresses be free. Naturi opened up about the incident with Power producer and former Kanan actor, saying she had a stern talk with him after he insulted her hairline on social media.

“I called 50 and he got a strong talking to,” she revealed. “It was humbling to strip down all of that from the Tasha we once seen where she’s lashes and galore. Her hair, the makeup and the clothes but at the end of the day that was a sense of identity for her. But I don’t think that defines her.”

Naturi celebrated her birthday in August, during the height of the pandemic when she posted a sun-kissed photo on her balcony. “It has been amazing. This is the most makeup I’ve worn in weeks,” she joked. “My skin is doing amazing, you give your skin a chance to breath…” The petite actress, who went through a private breakup with the father of her daughter, revealed her new boyfriend took the candid shot.

“At the end of the day, stripping down and taking that picture and so many people like it and commented — this is what it’s about. Maybe the quarantine is teaching us that we can still be just as beautiful, just as desirable, just as sexy with just us.”

Catch Power Book: Ghost every Sunday night at 9pm on Starz.

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