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Chris Brown Tells Fans to Leave Him Out of Tory and Megan Situation


There are certain actions that you can’t escape no matter how far removed you are from the situations. Unfortunately for Chris Brown, he’s learning this lesson the hard way. 

Although Tory Lanez‘s alleged attack against Megan Thee Stallion is uniquely specific because a firearm was used, it is still being likened to horrific acts of violence committed by male entertainers against women artists. This led many to bring up Brown’s 2009 assault against Rihanna. But Brown made it clear that he doesn’t want to be associated with Lanez’s actions.

“Leave my f*cking name out of someone else’s situation,” Brown wrote in a post to his IG Stories. “Y’all not finna involve me in this f*ck ass sh*t! P*ssy b*tch, y’all make me sick wit this lame sh*t… Suck my d*ck or sit on it.”

Last week, Megan confirmed to her fans that Tory Lanez shot her. It was rumored that he was the assailant shortly after the news initially hit headlines, but Megan naming Tory opened the floodgates for people to condemn Lanez for the alleged assault. Despite trying to separate himself from the situation, fans are using Chris Brown’s continued success as an example of something they won’t allow Tory to do. 



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