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SZA Fans Upset Over New Music Delay, TDE President Responds


It’s been over three years since SZA dropped her debut album Ctrl, and fans have been wondering where her next project is. Responding to curious parties on Twitter, the “All the Stars” singer-songwriter suggested that her label situation is to blame for the lack of new music.

“At this point y’all gotta ask Punch. I’ve done all I can do,” she replied to one fan asking about her follow-up record, referring to Top Dawg Entertainment head Terrence “Punch” Henderson. “

While SZA didn’t leave that tweet up for long, her feed still has remarks about potential issues with TDE and Punch. “Would you saaay this is an adverse or hostile relationship orrr just out of your hands?” asked another fan.

“BEEN hostile,” SZA replied.

One fan also shared a comment they posted telling Punch to get SZA to release more music, to which Punch replied “Soon.” In a tweet, SZA wrote, “This is all he says to me as well. Welcome to my fucking life.”

Punch briefly hopped on Twitter amid the situation, but didn’t directly say anything about SZA himself. He retweeted one fan telling him this makes him look bad, while also responding to some of the wilder replies he got from SZA’s fans. “I am a person and you guys are hurting my feelings,” he wrote in one tweet. “I’m gonna remember you n***as once the meet and greets pop off again.” 

Back in May, SZA suggested she was interested in doing a “music dump” of unreleased material. She said she had around 20 songs made over the “course of the last 6 years,” but since then she hasn’t spoke much about the idea. 

In 2016, SZA made her issues with TDE very clear when she threatened to quit music completely due to perpetual delays for Ctrl. She suggested the reason the project hadn’t come out was due to Punch, who she said could release the record “if he ever feels like it.”