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Stacey Dash’s Husband Says He Was Hypnotized Into Marrying Her


Source: Sheri Determan/WENN.com / WENN

Stacey Dash’s soon to be ex-husband isn’t wrapped too tight. After an already questionable decision of becoming the Clueless actress’ 4th/ hubbie, he is now claiming it only went down because he was hypnotized.

TMZ reports that son, Jeffrey Marty, got caught up in the rapture of love, via church, and wants the marriage annulled.

Stacey’s estranged lawyer hubby, Jeffrey Marty, filed new court docs in response to Stacey’s divorce petition … and he’s asking a judge to annul the marriage, something Stacey herself doesn’t appear to oppose.

Jeff claims he only took his vows after Stacey’s pastor put some serious religious pressure on him. He says they got hitched on April 6, 2018 — but that’s only because 10 days prior, he claims her pastor “unexpectedly and suddenly proclaimed that it was God’s will” they get hitched.

Anyway, Jeff says that his ability to consent to the marriage was hijacked by the use of “hypnotic prayer techniques.” Jeff doesn’t describe the techniques or how he was programmed to marry Stacey. He also says there was pressure from other clergies to tie the knot.

Reportedly, Stacey’s team isn’t copping to any hypnotization, but they’re all good on getting an annulment.

Sounds like a win win.

This is where we point out that last we heard, Dash was making $2500 a month and considering she was the one arrested for domestic violence during their rocky relationship, she doesn’t want the drawn-out divorce smoke.

In semi-related news, there is a Clueless reboot on the way centered on Dash’s character. If she plays her cards right, maybe the actress can secure a much-needed bag.